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Converting numericals to words
Converting numericals to words
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To convert numericals to words can use the said formula by using the following steps

Open the excel sheet and use the command ALT+F11 to start Visual Basic...

In that visual basic
go to Insert option and
select module option where in
you can simply copy and past the the formula appeared in this site

After pasting this program as it is in the VB go to excel from where you hv opened the VB and use this formula
for eg=spellnumber(150)
and the query is solved
location of formula is user defined functions

Like macros, user defined functions can be used in any other workbook as long as the workbook containing them is open. However it is not good practice to do this. Entering the function in a different workbook is not simple. You have to add its host workbook's name to the function name. This isn't difficult if you rely on the Function Wizard, but clumsy to write out manually. The Function Wizard shows the full names of any UDFs in other workbooks...

If you open the workbook in which you used the function at a time when the workbook containing the function is closed, you will see an error message in the cell in which you used the function. Excel has forgotten about it! Open the function's host workbook, recalculate, and all is fine again. Fortunately there is a better way.

answer these frequently asked finance questions
1)Status of India's GDP, market capitalisation exports, imports?

2) what is Sinking fund ?

3) What is money - M1, M2, M3?

4) What are negotiable instruments?

5) Tell us 3 ratios used to judge a company

.....waiting for ur replies...all the best guys...

Some more very interesting FAQ's
What is convexity in the context of bonds?

How will you value a Private limited company for the purpose of takeover?

What is the difference between direct and indirect quotes in the context of the forex market?

What is a straddle?

What is a strangle?

What are the greeks in the context of derivatives/

I guess you will find all the answers 2 these questions on the internet
in case you have any problems feel free 2 ask me

These are just a few questions
i was asked some of these in my interview

hope this helps

puneet gulwani
ICFAI Business School, Hyderabad
answer my query..
my query is what are the greeks in the context of derivatives???plz do tell me..nd giv me some more ques.asked in finance interview,if possible!!

greeks Derivatives
The greeks refer to the various dimensions of risk involved in taking an option position

Each risk variable is a result of an imperfect assumption or relationship of the option with another underlying variable.

with the exception of vega which is not a greek letter each other risk is measured by a letter of the greek alphabet

Delta represents the rate of change between the option's price and the underlying asset's price - in other words, price sensitivity.

Theta represents the rate of change between an option portfolio and time, or time sensitivity.

Gamma represents the rate of change between an option portfolio's delta and the underlying asset's price - in other words, second-order time price sensitivity.

Vega represents the rate of change between an option portfolio's value and the underlying asset's volatility - in other words, sensitivity to volatility.

Rho represents the rate of change between an option portfolio's value and the interest rate, or sensitivity to the interest rate.

In the money option represents positive cash flows.
they are of two types call and put in the money option.
In case of call in the money option the spot price is greater then the strike price.
While in case of put in the money option the strike price is greater then the spot price.
Reverse in case of out of money call and put option.
Out of money represents negative cash flows.
At the money represents no cash flows or no profit no loss.
At the money otion ouurs when spot price and strike price are equal.

M1,M2 AND M3
M1 is the sum total of currency, demand deposits and other depoits
M2 is the sum total of M1 and post office saving.

what is the motive behind derivatives market?
if there is an option trading on Reliance, how does it relate to Reliance as a company?? does it have any direct benefit?

--a very common intw ques.
the main motive behind deravatives is to manage risk associated with forex and stock markets

Hope this will suffice
ill b posting more questions shortly

At the money, in the money and out of the money are the terms associated with derivatives..
in short
At the money is wen u r purchasing a option at the current market price
in the money is wen ur price is below/within the market price
and out of the money is wen ur price is obove that of the market price

A "negotiable instrument" means a promissory note, bill of exchange or cheque payable either to order or to bearer.

To our common terms , Promissory note & BOE are not widely accepted . They are traditional nationalized banking instruments designed for SME & corporates . SME s rarely preferred it & corporates had better instruments on fare on.

Classic Promissory note that is majorly used in Indian parlance is " Hundi " .. gets qualified under Negotiable Instruments Act,1881 only when it is accounted .

what is the basic difference between participatory notes and sub-accounts?

PN vs Sub-Account
A Foreign investor can access the Indian market through three different routes —
1)registering themselves as full-fledged FIIs with Sebi
2)registering themselves as sub-accounts of an existing FII
3)indirectly through products, participatory notes (PNs), offered by registered FIIs or FII sub-accounts.


the arbitrage opportunity arise when the stock of a co. or say portfolio is under/overvalued.... now being a fund manager of some big time client, what position u will take for arbitraging???


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