E-mail Discussion Groups

One of the benefits of the Internet is the opportunity it offers to people worldwide to communicate via e-mail. The Internet is home to a large community of individuals who carry out active discussions organized around topic-oriented forums distributed by e-mail. These are administered by various types of software programs.

A great variety of topics are covered by discussion groups. When you subscribe to a group, messages from other subscribers are automatically sent to your electronic mailbox. You subscribe by sending an e-mail message to the address of the group. You must have a e-mail account to participate in a listserv discussion group. Visit Tile.net at http://tile.net/ to see an example of a site that offers a searchablecollection of e-mail discussion groups.

Listserv, majordomo and Listproc are among the programs that administer e-mail discussion groups. The commands for subscribing to and managing your list memberships are similar to those of listserv.

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