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  1. I'm subscribed to the 'squirrel' LISTSERV mailing list (SQUIRREL@UA1VM.UA.EDU). I just heard a story about how an energetic squirrel once crashed the mainframe at Mississippi State University during registration (a true story) and I want to share this information with everyone on the 'squirrel' mailing list. What address should I send my e-mail letter to if I want the letter to be distributed to everyone on the "squirrel" list?


      Letters should be sent to the list address.

  2. I'm looking for a list of all known LISTSERV lists. What LISTSERV command should I use to get such a list?


      BTW, you can send the lists global command to any LISTSERV address ... it is a universal LISTSERV command.

  3. Okay, I just got the "list of lists." I found a neat list called "navigate" but the list of lists only shows the address as NAVIGATE@UBVM. What address should I send my subscribe command to?


      This was a tough question. You had to remember to convert the LIST@NODE address to LIST@NODE.BITNET. You also had to remember that LISTSERV commands have to be sent to the LISTSERV address. :)

  4. I want to subscribe to the alt.abuse.recovery newsgroup. I sent a e-mail letter to LISTSERV@UA1VM.UA.EDU with the command SUBSCRIBE ALT.ABUSE.RECOVERY JOE STUDENT, and I got back an error message saying that "alt.abuse.recovery" is unknown to the LISTSERV. What's going on?

    1. alt.abuse.recovery is a Usenet newsgroup; to subscribe to the group from a Usenet reader.

      Remember, if the group's name has periods in it, it probably is a Usenet newsgroup.

  5. How can I unsubscribe from the Roadmap workshop?

    1. send an e-mail letter to LISTSERV@UA1VM.UA.EDU which says UNSUB * in the body of your letter.


  1. FALSE
    There is nothing wrong with giving my best friend my password.

    (Never give your password to ANYONE!)

  2. FALSE

    (Writing in all caps is ANNOYING.)

  3. FALSE
    The word "squirrel" would be an excellent password.

    (Squirrel is in the dictionary. NEVER use a password that is in the dictionary.)

  4. FALSE
    Letters to a LISTSERV list should be sent to the LISTSERV address.

    (Letters should be sent to the list address.)

  5. FALSE
    LISTSERV commands should be sent to the list address.

    (Commands should be sent to the LISTSERV address.)


  1. One of my friends just e-mailed me a chain letter offering me good luck so long as I send the chain letter to ten additional people. Heck, there are several hundred people subscribed to each of the Usenet newsgroups and LISTSERV lists. Why can't I just forward the chain letter to these groups?

    Chain letters violate the relevant posting rule (and are likely to turn you into flame-bait).

    Also -- and this was not covered in the lessons -- most networks have Acceptable Usage policies that strictly prohibit chain letters.

    If someone sends you a chain letter, forward the chain letter (along with an angry reply) to that person's postmaster.

  2. Patrick's dad said "DON'T include the entire contents of a previous posting in your reply(s)." Why can't I do this?

    It is rude. When you re-post the entire contents of a previous posting, you are forcing the readers to reread something that they have already read.

    The purpose of reposting is to remind everyone what was said, not to repeat what was said :)

  3. If someone spams a list that I am on, what should I do? Why shouldn't I just send my angry replies to the list?

    Your best bet is to ignore it. If you are really angry, reply to the poster at his e-mail address, or complain to the poster's site administrator.

    You should not send your replies to the list because the spammer is probably not even a member or the list, and, if he is, he probably does not care about what you think.


  1. How many National Football Championships has the University of Alabama's Crimson Tide football team won?
    1. 12

  2. Patrick Douglas Crispen is:
    1. a squirrel

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